Reviews for Sex Drugs and Om

Wow - what a read

I actually starting reading this and wanted to share it with my husband, so I read it out loud to him. I was gripped by the raw honesty of the book and it covered many conversations that I have shared with my husband. Honestly I found it hard to put down. I wanted to share the meditations at the ashram and longed for the quietness of the mind…I’m not sure what I expected but I Loved it.


I loved reading this book and so will my friends who were or are in the military and those who never were. Here is a courageous young man with remarkable story-telling talent. That combination of bravery and ability allows him to take you by the hand into his life with all of its outrageous adventures, its challenges and its ecstatic encounters with power, sex, and spirit. I will be giving SEX DRUGS AND OM to several of my friends as holiday gifts knowing they are sure to love it. You will, too.

Down and dirty gives way to beautiful inspiration

Down and dirty gives way to beautiful inspiration. Again and again. Definitely a page turner that is well worth your time.

A story for Our Generation

A true grit and grime story of the life of a present day Yogi. There is an abundance of those that have stories to tell of reaching the enlightened path from the past sages, but to live in this present day and age and reach that is not a common tale.
In this book our author reaches through the questioning Generation X tumultuousness and emerges cleaned and looking forward to a better life, proving that to reach the light, there must be darkness.

A rivting, powerful, and raw book for anyone who doubts that healing is possible.

This book is powerful, raw, and inspiring! Greg writes with clarity and brutal honesty. The book is very well written and is a “must have” book for anyone who is struggling in life. He proves there is a way out and that healing is possible.

Would be an incredible Netflix series...

This book is truly special. Raw, honest, inspiring and sexy- it speaks for those of us born in the late sixties and early seventies who were bent on doing what and who we loved as a priority value- regardless of the cost – and compelled by malcontent to search for and find Truth in our existence and our world. We still are doing just that, as far as I can tell! Though we haven’t all had the unique and thrilling journey this author has been on, I believe I’m not the only one who, even as a woman, can totally relate to the thoughts, feelings and choices described in this beautifully honest account of life in America.
We are emerging in our 40s now as solid human beings. with nothing but gratitude for all we have experienced and what we know now.
I honestly can’t remember when I’ve read a book so fast. It would be an incredible Netflix series!

Sex Drugs and Om: An Autobiography of an American Yogi

Three Raven Books 2017